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VOGUE Portfolio

Proudly endorsed by Vogue. My portfolio, meticulously curated to meet Vogue's exacting standards, is a visual tapestry of creativity and sophistication. With a keen eye for detail and an innovative approach, images seamlessly blend style, beauty, and narrative. The approval of Vogue's editors is a stamp of recognition, affirming the ability to consistently produce work at the pinnacle of the label's standards. Each publication reinforces the commitment to pushing the boundaries of high-standard photography, offering a fresh and transformative perspective on the art.


Aesthetica Magazine

Aesthetica Magazine, my favorite British publication, not only features my work as a new artist but also serves as an immersive experience, combining outstanding design, journalism, and editorial coverage. As an independent voice in the arts, Aesthetica introduces readers to the best new talent and fosters a vibrant artistic community through awards, exhibitions, and events, celebrating excellence in both emerging and established practitioners. It's a privilege to contribute to this dynamic creative landscape curated by Aesthetica.


121Clicks Magazine

A premier arts and photography portal, being within their pages is truly an honour. The platform aims to showcase global talents and offer inspiring articles guiding aspiring artists and photographers. It goes beyond features, providing rich study material through showcases and insightful interviews. As an artist, I'm grateful to contribute to a platform that promises continuous improvement and serves as a wellspring of inspiration worldwide, making 121clicks a valuable resource for enhancing artistic and photographic skills.

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Roba da DONNE Magazine

Seeing my work published in a magazine from my home country while living abroad serves as a beautiful reminder that my creative journey has been fulfilling.

The editor, Perdita Durango, skillfully made my photos come to life within the pages of the magazine. Her interview was not only professionally enriching but also a genuinely pleasant experience. This maize that speaks about women, art, and culture resonates deeply with me, emphasizing the importance of connecting with one's roots while contributing to a broader artistic conversation. I'm grateful for the opportunity to be part of this narrative that celebrates creativity and cultural diversity.

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FANTABODY + Vogue Italia

Thrilled to share my involvement in a captivating collaboration between Vogue Italia and Milan's Fantabody. Guided by Fantabody's creative vision and in partnership with Vogue Italia, we explore the nuanced facets of femininity.

This project is a heartfelt tribute to the diverse beauty of the female form, championing diversity as a foundational element. It addresses issues like disability and immigration with an open-minded perspective. Each subject, including the captivating Ceryl, shares their story with pride, skillfully captured by talented female artists in this remarkable all-female collaboration.

The intimate exchanges create a narrative that goes beyond aesthetics, embodying the empowering spirit of this collective endeavor.

images.png Magazine

Featured in, a Web Magazine dedicated to contemporary creative culture and a Creative Studio specialized in counseling, creative direction, and content production, showcased my landscape and muses photography. It's truly heartwarming to be part of such a talented community, and I'm grateful for the opportunity to share my art in a space that celebrates and promotes creativity in such a diverse and meaningful way.


Curate by GIRLS 

In Curated By GIRLS is a testament to the appreciation of diversity and equality in the arts. Laetitia Duveau's project, highlighting emerging talents with a strong emphasis on female-identifying creators, aligns with my values. Through both online platforms and real-world exhibitions, Curated By GIRLS offers a meaningful space for artists to share their unique perspectives and narratives. I'm grateful for the opportunity to contribute to this inspiring initiative that champions creativity and inclusivity within the art community.



Navigating the constraints of creativity during the challenges of the pandemic required inventive thinking. Despite limitations, artists like myself found ways to transcend boundaries within our confined surroundings. Creativity, being blind to obstacles, compelled us to adapt everyday objects and household items, turning our limited environment into an infinite canvas. As we reconstructed sets within the confines of our homes, Financial Times' editors recognized our efforts. They selected their favorite shots for an article titled "HOW TO SPEND IT TOGETHER," and I am grateful that my work is among those featured.


HUNGER TV Magazine

Given that the magazine in question is none other than HUNGER—an iconic quarterly publication renowned for its celebration of music and the arts, being featured in a collective article on duality fills me with immense joy. 

Created by Rankin in 2011, this London-based cultural and fashion magazine has truly become a bastion of creativity and inspiration.

I feel incredibly honored to be a part of such a distinguished platform that continues to shape and redefine the landscape of artistic expression.



In 2016, I embarked on my first project alongside the incredible Laura Martinez, a distinguished journalist from Radio 3 Spain. A travel magazine granted me the opportunity to spend a day exploring the vibrant markets of London, realizing my dream as a novice photographer.

Navigating the bustling streets, we captured the essence of London's iconic markets—their energy, colors, and stories. Laura's seasoned guidance enriched the experience, turning it into a profound learning journey that shaped my artistic perspective.

This collaboration not only opened doors in photography but also fostered a lasting appreciation for visual storytelling. Grateful for the mentorship provided by Laura, this inaugural project ignited a passion that continues to guide my artistic journey.

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